Tips and Tricks for Campus Transportation

– Jacob Elmore,  intern at the Indianapolis Business Journal Getting around on campus is different for everyone. If you’re looking for a fun way to get around quickly, think about using a bicycle. I’ve ridden a bike almost every day while on campus since it’s incredibly efficient. Some of the perks of riding include: getting places quicker, being able to ride on the road and sidewalk, most bikes have brakes which are important for being on campus with high traffic, cheaper repairs and maintenance than a car plus no gas or…

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College Cost 

Campus Housing, The Good and The Bad

– Jacob Elmore,  intern at the Indianapolis Business Journal Living on or around campus can be rewarding or a nightmare depending on how it all works out for you. To begin with housing as a new college student, some places require freshman to live in a dorm on campus. I personally suggest this as a good idea since it can usually lead to meeting new people, making friends, and understanding how college works in general. It can also help keep stress down without having to worry about extra thing such as…

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