FAFSA – What is it?

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a form the federal government, states, colleges and other organizations use to award financial aid for college or grad school. The FASFA application asks questions about a student’s personal and familial financial circumstances in order to determine how much they can pay for college. This is not a… Continue reading FAFSA – What is it?

Free Online Skills Training Available To Hoosiers Through Rapid Recovery Initiative

New partnership with 180 Skills will enable 100,000 Hoosiers to quickly gain key workforce skills. A new partnership between the State of Indiana and 180 Skills will allow up to 100,000 Hoosiers to gain key workforce skills free of charge through an online library of courses. Individuals who enroll will have the opportunity to complete… Continue reading Free Online Skills Training Available To Hoosiers Through Rapid Recovery Initiative

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The 2020-2021 FAFSA

It is time! The 2020–21 FAFSA form will be available beginning October 1, 2020 and even though the deadline is April 15, 2021, you should fill out your form as soon as possible on or after October 1. Head to the official government site, fafsa.gov today. DO NOT WAIT! Also, don’t forget to enter to win a $1,500 scholarship from Next Indiana.

Apply to College Now: Part 4

Some schools require more than transcripts and test scores. You may need to write a personal essay or include some other writing or portfolio sample. So, our 4th tip is Know the Application Requirements. While you are on the Next Indiana website, don’t forget to check-out the 2020-21 issue of Next Indiana for more information on Career, College and Cost and DEFINITELY enter to… Continue reading Apply to College Now: Part 4

Apply to College Now: Part 3

The 3rd step in our series is Get Organized. It’s hard to keep all the information about financial aid, programs, courses and housing about each school in your head. So, don’t. Instead, create a folder for each school you plan to apply to. In the folder, you can store admissions information and application materials to easily reference and… Continue reading Apply to College Now: Part 3

Apply to College Now: Part 2

It is time to Take the SAT or ACT. Check with the colleges you plan to apply to for their policies regarding submission of test scores. And think about this: although an SAT or ACT score may be optional, strong scores could help your application, so taking either—or both—exams couldn’t hurt. Remember, too, that if you are… Continue reading Apply to College Now: Part 2

The Business of Sports

The IU Kelly School of Business is introducing a new program for business students looking to work in the sports field. Kelley’s Sports Industry Workshop, developed by IU professor Nathaniel Grow, who is a nationally recognized expert in the field of sports law, begins this fall. Read more about this story on Inside Indiana Business with Gerry… Continue reading The Business of Sports

Best College Value? Indiana has You Covered

As you begin your college search, you want to find quality schools that are also affordable. Money magazine weighed more than 20,000 data points, including tuition fees, family borrowing, and career earnings to compile and rank the country’s best colleges by value. Did you know that 20 of the “Best Colleges in America” are right here in Indiana?… Continue reading Best College Value? Indiana has You Covered

Online Learning

Students in the virtual classroom and teacher using a smart interactive whiteboard, e-learning and online education concept

As we prepare for a new and MUCH different school year, online learning could still be the way most of you must attend classes. Check out the new issue of Next Indiana and see “What We Learned About Online Learning in 2020”. There are also 3 blogs with information of how to study from home, and how to stay… Continue reading Online Learning

Mental Health

It is not easy being a teenager. It seems like everything about you and around you is changing. We all experience the confusion and awkwardness, but if what you or a friend are feeling seems overwhelming and begins to affect how you interact with your family and friends, maybe it is more than just teenage… Continue reading Mental Health

Make a Difference!

Will you be 18 years old on or before November 3, 2020? This is our next General Election Day—the Presidential Election and you want to be ready. You can make sure your voice is heard and help make a difference by VOTING. In order to vote, you must be registered by October 5, 2020. You… Continue reading Make a Difference!

What’s Your Next Step?

Ever heard of the adjacent possible theory? According to Steven Johnson, author of Where Good Ideas Come From, “The adjacent possible is a kind of shadow future, hovering on the edges of the present state of things, a map of all the ways in which the present can reinvent itself.” Adjacent possible was first introduced by Stuart… Continue reading What’s Your Next Step?

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Take Note

Are you a good note taker? I was not. I am much better now. I probably would have done better in school, had I known how to take notes. Here are four ways to take notes and the reasons they are or are not effective. Perhaps most important though is what to take notes of. If these don’t work… Continue reading Take Note