Tips and Tricks for Campus Transportation

– Jacob Elmore,  intern at the Indianapolis Business Journal

Getting around on campus is different for everyone. If you’re looking for a fun way to get around quickly, think about using a bicycle. I’ve ridden a bike almost every day while on campus since it’s incredibly efficient. Some of the perks of riding include: getting places quicker, being able to ride on the road and sidewalk, most bikes have brakes which are important for being on campus with high traffic, cheaper repairs and maintenance than a car plus no gas or insurance required, the exercise is great, and plenty more.

If your campus has shuttles, think about whether or not they’d be helpful to you. Depending on your schedule and how long your travel is, it may or may not be useful. For example, if you have a short distance to travel and it’s a busy time of day, it might not be worth fighting to get a spot on the shuttle.

Skateboards and longboards are quite popular now but keep it mind that you should only ride them if they are more beneficial than not. Sometimes traveling with them may be more of a hassle with having to stop constantly with people on the sidewalk. Not having brakes can also be a downside if you plan on going quickly from one place to another. If you’re not comfortable riding, it may be best not to use one. Too often have I seen near collisions with people on boards and going too fast while trying to get around people or not paying enough attention to where they are riding.