Seriously, Ask Questions

– Jacob Elmore,  intern at the Indianapolis Business Journal
If you ever want to learn or figure something out, always ask. It seems like such an obvious thing but there are so many students that are too afraid to ask a professor questions. Some teachers may be rude or short, some answers may be unhelpful, some students might think you’re slow, or whatever else. If you don’t know and want to know something, how else are you going to learn it?
Any job I’ve ever had I’ve always made sure to ask as soon as I don’t know something. This helps to prevent as many problems from happening as possible and to build a better working relationship with those around you. I’ve had some part time jobs where the people above me won’t help because they already think I should know the answer to it. When people of higher power refuse to teach or tell you how to do something correctly, this causes many problems. The employee may do something incorrect and get punished as well as there being a poor relationship between co-workers. Although there may be exceptions, such as there being a stressful day or an event that happened that leaves the person of higher power little time to deal with “small” situations, a person shouldn’t never avoid asking questions to clarify how to do something.