Julian Wyllie

Julian Wyllie looks back on his senior year at Pike High School and remembers believing that he wouldn’t get into Butler University, nor would he be able to pay for it even if he was accepted.

julian_wyllieAs a senior at Butler, he knows now those fears were unfounded. Wyllie followed the advice of a favorite teacher and applied to the liberal arts college anyway. He was accepted, and with a combination of scholarships and student loans, plans to graduate in 2016.

Although a business and economics major, Wyllie jumped at the challenge of joining The Butler Collegian, the student newspaper.  He started as a columnist, was promoted to opinion page editor and then editor-in-chief for the spring semester his junior year, although most editors are journalism majors.

“It was a great learning experience,” he says. “I had to read The New York Times to learn journalistic style because I wasn’t a journalism major. When I go into business interviews [for internships], they are very interested in my experience because they don’t meet very many people who can write. I also learned a lot about teamwork,
workflow and customer service.”

That out-of-the-box thinking and communication skills continued to serve Wyllie during his summer internship at Indianapolis-based Loyalty Research Center, where he helped build and edit surveys. The internship shook up his view on marketing. “It was way more about data, data management and delivering information to clients,” he says.

Throughout his experiences, Wyllie says he’s realized the power of networking. He recommends seeking out help when needed, but taking the initiative to meet with professors and working professionals who can offer advice. “It’s not just who you know, but how you work with them,” Wyllie says. “I’m really a shy person, but I’ve had to learn to network and talk to people.”

Age: 21
Hometown: Indianapolis
Butler University
Degree: Economics