Campus Housing – the Good and the Bad

– Jacob Elmore,  intern at the Indianapolis Business Journal
Living on or around campus can be rewarding or a nightmare depending on how it all works out for you. To begin with housing as a new college student, some places require freshman to live in a dorm on campus. I personally suggest this as a good idea since it can usually lead to meeting new people, making friends, and understanding how college works in general. It can also help keep stress down without having to worry about extra thing such as paying rent monthly, meal plan, cleaning, etc. Whether or not your dorm experience goes well, you may later look into living in a house or an apartment. There are lots of different pros and cons of where you live, starting with: location from where you live to your classes, size of living space, utilities, maintenance, parking, bathrooms, privacy, noise levels, safety of the area, and more.
One thing to note is that you may not ever get to live alone unless you pay a lot more for rent. If it’s not obvious, having more roommates means the cost of rent is split among everyone. Also keep in mind that having more roommates to save money may not always be beneficial. I’ve noticed that under 5 people in one place is usually okay. The more people living together can often cause stress or worse. Figure out how many people you would be able to live with versus what you can financially afford. Even if you can live alone with a higher monthly cost, know how you’ll pay for it. If you aren’t paying for it yourself and instead have your parents or guardians paying for it, know what is a good position to receive help without taking advantage of them. Just because you may not be paying for something now doesn’t mean you won’t be paying for it later.