Meet Kelly Sheridan


Kelly Sheridan
Butler University student/
strategic development coordinator
Hometown: Indianapolis


Kelly Sheridan started Indiana University with hopes of someday going to medical school. She’s now planning a career in healthcare, but with an M.B.A., not an M.D.

The biology major realized midway through her college career that she really did not want to commit to medical school. Still, Sheridan liked her major and didn’t want to start over in another. So when she graduated, she was a little unsure about what to do next. Taking a job as a chemist at a Dow AgroSciences lab in her hometown of Indianapolis, she tried her hand at research, and other scientists there encouraged her to consider pursuing a Ph.D.

“My thought was, ‘I’ll give it a chance,’ and that’s what I did, but it [the job] wasn’t wkellyhat I loved,” Sheridan recalls.

When she was offered the opportunity, Sheridan left for a more business-oriented career with TriMedx, an Indianapolis-based healthcare technology management company where she’s currently strategic development coordinator.

“I’m working in healthcare in a far less direct way than when I wanted to be a doctor, but at the end of the day, patient care is our goal,” Sheridan says.

Her path to a graduate degree has changed, too. She has started her M.B.A. at Butler University, which offers a flexible path to a degree, and her employer is picking up part of the cost. Work experience gave Sheridan the experience she needed to make the leap into a graduate program that is best for her career, she says.
“Working for three years was very helpful,” Sheridan says. “And now, working in a business environment I can already see is helpful for my M.B.A. program. I can already reflect on the experiences I have had and get that much more out of it.”