Job Outlook for 2018 Grads

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has good news for members of the Class of 2018. It reports in its “Job Outlook 2017 Spring Update” that more than 75 percent of employers surveyed “plan to be on campus recruiting for both full-time and intern/co-op positions,” and that only fewer than two percent are not hiring in the 2017-18 recruiting year.

More than 25 percent say they plan to hire graduates with doctoral degrees, an increase of nearly ten percent over the previous survey.


Ask an Expert:

What Will Make My Resume Stand Out?

“When they show knowledge of our company in their cover letter. This shows me they have genuine interest in my company. It makes me feel like they took some time to write the cover letter and not just swap out the company names and re-send the same one.”

—Henry Kurkowski, CEO, eWireless

“Humble confidence … accomplishments, but a sense
of modesty.”

—Barb Skinner, Career Counselor, Indiana Health Group

“I like to see a little personality. The bland I-copied-and-pasted-this-template-from-the-internet ones get lost in the stack.”

—Betsy Slavens, Director, Fayette County Public Library

“Sadly, a lack of typos.”

—Cassie Hall, Director of Philanthropy,
The Nature Conservancy