College is an experience to be savored. You want to enjoy every minute of learning—and living—while you get the degree that will take you further in life.

Do Something Bold:
Learn outside the classroom by trying new experiences. Study abroad, ask a professor if you can assist with research, or get involved in a new campus activity.

Or, like Purdue junior Nathan Muntz, do all three. During his freshman year, Muntz wasn’t thrilled with his college experience. Now he’s a resident assistant, helping other Purdue students adjust to dorm and college life. “To be honest, I did not like it during the first semester,” Muntz recalls. “Once I started branching out and making friends, it totally flipped. I got involved in campus activities and really starting enjoying it.”muntz

While at Purdue, he traveled to Ecuador with Timmy Global Health, which helped him focus his career goals on becoming a doctor to address global health disparities. During his sophomore year, Muntz applied, and was pleasantly shocked to learn he’d been accepted, to Harvard University’s Multinational Research Training (MIRT) Program, which took him to Harvard and New Zealand in 2016.

He’s also been to Spain and Morocco for a 3-credit Purdue class. As a 21st Century Scholar,
“I used to be under the impression that first, I couldn’t afford to study abroad; and, second, I didn’t have the time to study abroad with my schedule. But there are study abroad programs almost all year, so time isn’t really as big of a factor as I thought it would be,” Muntz says.

Most schools have a study abroad office that will help students find scholarships and grants to help pay for it, Muntz points out. “Purdue puts a big emphasis on study abroad for students, so they offer an automatic scholarship depending on how many credits you’re taking. [They] work really hard with students to make sure stuff is affordable and they did an amazing job with me,” he says.