College Jobs Help with COVID Crisis

After graduating from high school, Tyler Grubbs and Grant Morrison landed warehouse jobs at Roche, a multinational healthcare company with operations in Indianapolis. Both work as material handlers—jobs with critical importance to the distribution of Roche’s COVID-19 diagnostic test and Roche’s new antibody test for COVID-19 throughout the United States. Where did you go to… Continue reading College Jobs Help with COVID Crisis

COVID Career Creativity

In 2020, everyone had spring and summer plans that changed, in just a matter of weeks. For Hoosier native Ally Bacon, that meant leaving Milan, Italy—near the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak—and cutting short her Indiana University spring study abroad program. Sent home and quarantined for two weeks, Bacon soon learned that her summer apparel… Continue reading COVID Career Creativity


Need help navigating your career next steps? Check out this list of career boosters guaranteed to help you gain experience, boost career prospects and stand out from the crowd. On Campus Meet with Career Services. Your career services office is a bustling hub of opportunities and resources to prepare you for work and life. You’ll… Continue reading CAREER BOOSTERS


Many Indiana companies have received recognition on a local, regional, national and even global level. When you’re seeking a career, consider referencing these “best of” lists and applying for a position at one of these standout workplaces. Best in Tech TechPoint’s Mira Awards honor the best of tech while PowderKeg recognizes the 50 top tech company… Continue reading AWARD-WINNING HOOSIER EMPLOYERS


The Ascend Network connects college students and recent graduates with part-time and full-time jobs and internships in Indiana through a unique combination of one-on-one guidance and an easy-to-use website – all at no cost. Ascend staff meet with students individually to learn about their technical skills, work styles and interests before onboarding them to the… Continue reading IN THE SPOTLIGHT

Is Ag+Bio+Science for You?

What is Ag+Bio+Science? According to AgriNovus it is the convergence of food, agriculture, science and technology. So, if you are not planning on being a farmer, what’s in it for you? Did you guess Cybersecurity or Mechanical Engineering? How about Plant Geneticist or Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist? Check out AgriNovus’ new tool, Field Atlas, to help you find… Continue reading Is Ag+Bio+Science for You?

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WHAT’S NEXT? You’re working hard for your future, and your commitment to education beyond high school is going to pay off. We know that planning for life after college isn’t easy, especially while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Make the most of your stellar accomplishments and start preparing for your next big steps in life. Whether… Continue reading CLICK HERE TO READ the Current issue of GRAD Magazine

7 Reasons Why You Should Opt In

Beyond being close to family and friends, there are many benefits to living, working and playing in Indiana. Here are just a few:  1. Low Cost of Living Many millennials are seeking lower housing costs and Indiana ranks among the most affordable. According to U.S. News, Indiana ranks #2 in overall affordability with a cost… Continue reading 7 Reasons Why You Should Opt In

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Why do people work? To earn a living, of course, but most of us are wired to want more. Indiana—and the world—need people who are in it for more than a paycheck. In fact, a 2016 survey* of adult employees found that 88 percent say their job is more fulfilling when they can make a… Continue reading HELP BUILD A BETTER WORLD

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Help Build a Better Indiana

Where do we start? Start local. Community foundations contribute funding, expertise, leadership and resources that have developed communities throughout the state for decades. The 94 community foundations in Indiana represent more than $3 billion in combined assets. You can contact your own local community foundation to see how you can get involved. Eric Hessel started… Continue reading Help Build a Better Indiana

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In March 2020, American thought leader, author and former tech executive Seth Godin observed that college students and recent graduates are accustomed to crisis. Just babies when the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred and raised on dire warnings about climate change, this demographic group could be known as Generation C for their unique experiences—COVID-19, connection (never… Continue reading NAVIGATING THE FUTURE

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Ethyl Ruehman of Portage, Indiana, is a student at Indiana University Northwest, and was named an Environmental Hero by the Indiana Resilience Institute in 2020. What did you do after graduating from high school? I had a gap year and that is where I was able to do the most personal growth. The whole time… Continue reading ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVIST


Meet regularly with your advisor to make sure you are on track to graduate. Visit the experts at your college’s Career Services office to plan for your future. Polish your resume. Attend a live or virtual career fair. Attend a live or virtual graduate school fair. Line up letters of recommendation from your favorite professors.… Continue reading COLLEGE GRAD CHECKLIST


Mental health conditions are common among  young  adults, according to The National Alliance for Mental Illness ( Fifty percent of all lifetime mental illnesses develop by age 14 and 75 percent develop by age 24. Speaking up and asking for help is a sign of strength. It can be hard to know what to say, but start with something like, “I’m not feeling… Continue reading MAINTAIN YOUR MENTAL HEALTH


Your college degree is the best investment you can make for your future. But costly mistakes can undermine your best efforts. Here’s what to avoid and some thoughts on a better approach: Mistake: Taking forever to finish your college degree. The Indiana Commission for Higher Education estimates that every additional year students spend in college… Continue reading 3 COSTLY FINANCIAL MISTAKES AND SMARTER SOLUTIONS

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“Don’t give into the comparisons and try to one up your classmate. You will thank yourself over and over in the years to come for making smart decisions early on. You will not remember that handbag you “had” to have or that drive-thru meal for the fourth time that week. What you will love in… Continue reading TIPS FROM FINANCIAL EXPERTS

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