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Keep Control of College Costs

Need to do college on a budget? Zoe Nash of Indianapolis graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington in 2018 with money in the bank, even after a semester studying abroad and having an active social life. How she did it: Work. “My parents paid for my room and board when I lived on campus, and when I moved off campus, my rent and utilities, which was really nice. But since I was 16, I have worked—mostly babysitting—and saved all my money, because any money I wanted to spend, I had…

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Meet Mohamed Osman Mohamed

Long, Winding Road Leads to Success By Lisa Hendrickson Mohamed Osman Mohamed is relishing his new life in Indiana after surmounting hefty challenges that included fleeing a civil war in his native Somalia, living in a refugee camp in Kenya and settling in the U.S. without speaking English. Life path: Mohamed was raised by his grandmother in a rural area of southern Somalia. At 16, he moved to a refugee camp in Kenya. After living in the camp for three years, Mohamed and two cousins came to Indianapolis through a…

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A How-To Guide for Projects That Are Probably on Your To-Do List Right Now

We’ve got advice for some common issues you might be facing right now as you create (or update) your resume, negotiate that first job offer, and find a career you might even love. How do I get started on a resume? Take a deep breath and do some pre-writing. Using this advice adapted from the Purdue University Center for Career Opportunities & Pre-Professional Advising, start by: Brainstorming every position or experience you’ve had. Examples: organizations to which you’ve belonged, leadership positions, volunteer experiences, class projects, awards, languages you speak, computer…

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